By purchasing any package on the Rokucraft Store, you agree to the following terms and conditions and recognize you cannot dispute any of the conditions outlined once you purchase a package.

1. Your payment will go to the running of the Rokucraft Minecraft Server service, and is non-refundable under any circumstances.
2. You own the credit/debit card used for the payment transaction or have been granted legal permission to use it.
3. Charging back a payment or using false details for payment will lead to a permanent ban on the Rokucraft Minecraft Server service and local
authorities may be contacted on charges of fraud.
4. All packages are charged in EURO, the Rokucraft Minecraft Server service is not responsible for any misconversion of this rate to any other currencies.
5. The price of any store packages can change at any time: without notice. However it won’t require you to repurchase the package.
6. All packages are virtual items therefore all payments are final and are non-transferable unless specified. You accept that you are unable to perform a chargeback as you have purchased a non-physical package.
7. If you do not receive your virtual item in time that you deem reasonable then you are legally obliged to contact billing support by emailing or on our Discord Server.
8. Purchases are processed by the CraftingStore payment merchant; you are legally bound to their terms of service.
9. You recognise that in the event of a closure of the service, we cannot refund any payments.
10. This purchase is not affiliated with Mojang AB nor any of its affiliates.
11. Purchases may not be effective immediately due to response times from CraftingStore’s IPN. Support for store purchases can be found by contacting billing support or on our Discord Server