Name: Blue Spirit Bundle
Price: 14.99 EUR

Follow in the footsteps of the mysterious and rebellious Blue Spirit with this disguise, complete with dual broadswords and a mask to protect your identity.

This purchase includes:

  • Combined Blue Spirit mask and dual broadsword scabbards
  • Combined Blue Spirit mask and sheathed dual broadswords
  • Broadsword bending appearance
  • Second broadsword for dual wielding
    How to:
    Run /bending in-game while holding your bending focus to view your appearances.

    You can also visit the “Appearance Selector” NPC on the orange-sailed pirate ship at /spawn.
    Run /hats in-game to view, equip, or unequip your hats.

    Note: The Blue Spirit mask and swords are part of a bundle so you cannot equip only the mask or only scabbards or only sheathed broadswords. You can purchase these items individually in the “Hats” and “Bending Appearances” sections of the store.

    Thank you for supporting Rokucraft!