Name: Hair Pin Bun
Price: 3.99 EUR

This functional yet elegant set of hairpins is an adornment of choice for many citizens of the Four Nations. It is as much a subtle fashion statement as it is a promise of surprise stabbing if things go south.

Comes in 6 different hair colors: black, brown, blonde, grey, white and orange hair.

A full-height render of a character wearing the black hair pin bun
A collage of the rear views of the hair bun in 7 colors

How it works:

1. After you have purchased the hat, go in-game and do "/hats".

2. A hats GUI will open. If your purchase went through, you should see the hat you purchased.

3. Simply click on the hat and it will pop onto your head!


Clicking the Hat in your Head Slot will remove it and make it disappear.

You won't be able to wear a hat if you have a hat on your head already, so just remove your hat and then click on a new one if you own more hats!

Thank you for your support of Rokucraft!